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Thank you Cyan so, so much for working on the vector of my submission, without you I wouldn't have been able to have at time nothing.

safe1709294 artist:aureai132 artist:cyanlightning1016 oc686371 oc only449742 oc:aureai66 oc:azure lightning19 oc:mulberry leaves4 pegasus292873 pony970402 2019 community collab808 derpibooru community collaboration3808 .svg available8322 absurd resolution66288 blushing198116 bow28738 chest fluff39249 clothes460627 cute200228 ear fluff29667 female1365738 flower25709 flower in hair7749 folded wings6046 happy31288 hoof fluff1784 hoof hold8329 lidded eyes30804 mare482036 ocbetes5278 plushie24003 raised eyebrow6577 raised hoof45804 rose3896 scarf23293 simple background394438 sitting63410 smiling249312 solo1066154 tail bow5597 transparent background202787 vector76979 wings107903


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
I love that the two of you collaborated on this picture together. It's nice to see friends make art with each other, especially when the end result looks really nice like this picture.