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Update to include one from “Viva Las Pegasus”
Season 1: >>1654878 (merged)  
Season 2: >>1644602 (merged)  
Season 3: >>1640702 (merged)  
Season 4: >>1640703 (merged)  
Season 5: >>1640706 (merged)  
Season 6: You Are Here  
Season 7: >>1529347 (merged) and >>1574351 (merged)  
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1829045 (merged) and >>1906369 (merged)  
Movie: >>1837742

safe2116930 screencap286710 apple bloom58868 applejack196116 copper top471 crystal hoof140 doctor caballeron899 filthy rich1295 fluttershy251955 hyacinth dawn39 loosey-goosey45 luckette180 maud pie14660 mountain haze35 mr. stripes78 pinkie pie249941 quibble pants1694 rainbow dash272770 rarity212850 rogue (g4)247 ruby pinch1428 scootaloo57808 short fuse177 silver berry137 snowdash141 snowfall frost810 spike90647 spitfire15432 spoiled rich1438 starlight glimmer58546 strawberry ice135 street rat54 sweetie belle55700 thorax5371 trixie78078 twilight sparkle349691 alicorn302563 changeling63860 dragon81224 earth pony422645 pegasus471021 pony1478143 prairie dog19 unicorn512151 a hearth's warming tail1657 g41925763 no second prances2057 on your marks1000 ppov989 season 62339 stranger than fan fiction1141 the cart before the ponies910 the crystalling2399 the gift of the maud pie1040 the saddle row review1570 the times they are a changeling1021 to where and back again3047 top bolt934 viva las pegasus732 where the apple lies578 animated122129 bipedal47576 boop9088 boop compilation16 bow42551 bowtie14224 clothes611230 compilation671 cosplay32618 costume38140 cowboy hat24495 cutie mark crusaders21974 disguise6937 disguised changeling3663 dress59430 dyed coat20 dyed mane729 eyeshadow27610 female1738634 gif46668 hair bow24256 hat119439 henchmen456 jewelry106681 makeup37374 male529005 mare702487 necklace30435 nightcap845 noseboop3580 personal space invasion1198 police pony278 ponytail25639 rock pouch56 rope15380 scarf30868 scrunchy face8132 shirt38131 siegfried and roy21 spoiled milk124 stallion183887 stetson5754 supercut69 sweat38399 the flying prairinos18 trixie's nightcap104 twilight sparkle (alicorn)145992 wall of tags6259


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It's bad. In a good way!
I know this isn’t romantic in any way, but, damn, just an inch closer and they’re kissing. Every time they do this I start sweating.