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A pic of Fluttershy with her sweet little smile

Fluttershy (you're here)
Marble Pie >>1926704
Coco Pommel >>1927439

Special thanks to Anonshy for providing the sketch
safe1724954 artist:aureai-sketches118 artist:cyanlightning1023 fluttershy214666 pegasus299109 pony985291 .svg available8395 absurd resolution66487 blushing200650 chest fluff39968 cute202589 ear fluff30275 female1379513 folded wings6206 grin39509 leg fluff3106 mare489959 shyabetes14157 simple background400260 sitting64268 smiling253783 solo1076749 squishy cheeks2427 transparent background205105 vector77255 wings110960


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Background Pony #CB40
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