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…: Gunrunner — Reference Art :…

The story is here if you are interested

"outta the way, that bounties mine"

Gunrunner, the merc that's been all over. Most assume Gunrunner came from the Enclave as an outcast. Few have stuck around to find out he had in fact come from a stable. Gunrunner was quick to lose his pipbuck making him look like a simple wastelander. His wings kept him alive for quite some time, sometimes he was a slave, other times he was a raider. When his gang gets beaten he usually becomes a slave again, each boss liked the idea of having a pegasus in their gang which kept him around longer.

Spending many years in different gangs expanded his expertise in many areas. Eventually, his gang was ambushed by cannibals who passed him over at first which allowed him to escape. Gunrunner used his experience to become a mercenary or bounty hunter depending on his mood.

The merc is known for being rather snarky and quite enjoyed 'playing with his prey'. Gunrunner even managed to create a custom emp rifle that overloaded power armor. He uses this in great use whenever he gets at odds with the brotherhood of steel or whenever the Enclave comes downstairs.

What would happen if his somewhat repetitive routine was disrupted? What if he was taken on a journey that would change everything? would he demand payment?

who knows
safe1726475 artist:elmutanto446 oc697339 oc only455867 oc:gunrunner39 pegasus299789 pony986763 fallout equestria17275 fanfic:fallout equestria: broken oaths56 armor24058 clothes466990 cutie mark48433 gray background7417 greaves91 jacket12769 leather jacket3324 male379941 simple background400842 smiling254174 solo1077728 spread wings55696 stallion111944 wings111248


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