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Here’s season 8’s butts.
Season 1: >>1893205, >>1893206, and >>1893208  
Season 2: >>1899502 and >>1899503  
Season 3: >>1906370 and >>1906372  
Season 4: >>1912838, >>1912839, and >>1912840  
Season 5: >>1919282, >>1919283, and >>1919284  
Season 6: >>1924051, >>1924052, and >>1924054  
Season 7: >>1928215, >>1928217, and >>1928218  
Season 8: >>1934253, >>1934254, >>1934255, and >>1934256  
Movie: >>1934483
safe1970910 screencap263507 apple bloom56349 applejack187747 chancellor neighsay871 firelight501 flim2434 fluttershy238101 gallus8437 ocellus6389 pinkie pie238537 rainbow dash259249 rarity203098 sandbar6464 scootaloo55472 silverstream7313 smolder10299 spike87281 starlight glimmer55294 stellar flare1458 sugar belle3544 sunburst8001 sweetie belle53436 twilight sparkle332830 yona6110 alicorn274277 changedling10426 changeling58412 dragon72146 earth pony361121 griffon32860 hippogriff12197 pegasus406316 pony1322573 unicorn446049 yak5858 a matter of principals1190 friendship university780 horse play1002 marks for effort1279 non-compete clause836 season 82138 the break up breakdown760 the hearth's warming club1047 the mean 61801 the parent map1114 animated112973 applebutt5644 assisted exposure1986 balloonbutt5442 bloom butt999 butt178733 butt compilation30 butt focus424 butt shot132 close-up7695 compilation632 cutie mark crusaders20896 director spike23 dragonbutt395 eyes on the prize6282 female1602541 flutterbutt6772 gif41434 glimmer glutes2046 looking at butt1274 looking back74038 male459575 mane six35338 mare617947 plot114974 rainbutt dash5245 rearity6069 smolderriere450 stallion149993 streambutt145 stuck3326 student six1989 sugar butt54 supercut69 twibutt7406 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138528 wall of tags5408 zoom out77


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