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Anonymous said:
Let’s go! Trailblazer! Use Quick Attack!

You roll a 13 (required 10). Success!

Before Marionette’s puppet can make a move, you throw a swift kick at its chest. It staggers backward slightly, but easily regains its balance. It’s heavier than it looks!

The puppet pulls back its right arm, readying a heavy swing.

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safe (1461794)artist:rangelost (164)oc (541817)oc only (371821)oc:trailblazer (62)earth pony (158984)golem (185)pony (727028)cyoa:d20 pony (64)armor (19398)bandage (4533)brick wall (325)bucking (838)colored (15723)cyoa (2288)description is relevant (650)dummy (58)duo (40843)female (788702)fight (5279)hairpin (1140)jewelry (41223)leather armor (89)magic (59345)mare (353038)modular (944)necklace (12792)outdoors (6049)pixel art (8374)saddle bag (4557)story included (6667)


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