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First submission of 2019 showing my little group.  
Everstar in blue, Beetle Beat in yellow, Flowerlocks in green, Misty Mint in pink, Smoky Shadows in red and in purple, Lightning Stripe.
ARTIST’S NOTE: This character has since been renamed Cascara.
safe1970910 artist:lightning stripe175 derpibooru exclusive34727 oc836237 oc only614356 oc:beetle beat11 oc:cascara7 oc:everstar11 oc:flowerlocks8 oc:hercules16 oc:lightning stripe29 oc:misty mint8 beetle162 earth pony361121 pegasus406317 pony1322576 rhinoceros beetle32 unicorn446049 :p12195 black and white mane88 black mane745 blue1421 blue coat675 brown eyes897 clothes558940 coat markings9176 cross-eyed1021 dappled603 eyelashes21670 eyeliner1348 female1602542 fluttering69 flying47372 freckles36473 front view1321 glasses77366 green791 green coat268 green eyes6862 group5532 group shot540 hair over one eye11135 headphones9367 horn117134 jumping4032 lidded eyes38983 long hair5772 long mane4661 long tail3297 lying4277 lying down32718 magenta32 magenta eyes180 makeup30946 mare617947 open mouth197619 pink1359 pink coat337 ponytail22630 purple1061 purple eyes4008 purple hair1283 purple mane1140 red772 red and black oc1830 red coat171 red eyes8697 scarf28551 short hair2602 short mane1248 short tail1358 show accurate23287 silly8238 simple background501020 sitting78571 smiling330988 socks81812 socks (coat markings)5396 solo1267942 spiky hair49 spiky mane105 striped mane396 striped socks25290 stripes1864 sweater17320 tongue out128492 transparent background247496 two toned mane4049 wings174840 yellow439 yellow coat278


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