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Background Pony #FB0E
@Background Pony #F909  
Ok, those are some poor arguments to me …
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  
But I think it’s either he’ll end up with Fluttershy or nothing.
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@Background Pony #D37D  
Fluttershy blushed because he is her friend. They are best friends. The writers do for the friendship between these characters. That’s why nobody agrees with that.
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@Background Pony #F909  
I didn’t pretend them as a couple.  
Look, at first Discord didn’t care about anything else but himself. Now he could give his life to please Fluttershy and he likes her more than chaos itself (like we saw in Discordant Harmony) so yes they are the best of best friends for now but bigger feelings can develop and I could almost say that those feelings are already here.  
Not forgetting Fluttershy’s blush when hugging him in the season 6 final.
And no, Spike wasn’t talking about friendship since the episode takes place during Hearts and Hooves day which is about love and romance, that was their subject of the conversation. If he was talking about friendship, he wouldn’t have just mentionned Fluttershy but himself and Big mac as well since they are friends too.
He did sayed “besties” but like we saw in The Breakup Break Down which was an episode after Discordant Harmony, Discord don’t believe in love yet and he is almost afraid of it, afraid to be hurt.
Discord : Lesson one - Nothing can breaks your heart if you only love yourself.  
Spike : We’re not like you Discord, we can’t put on a front and PRETEND not to love.
But at the end of the episode he understand and see that love does exist.
Spike : I knew you had a heart.
So Spike was right from the beginning about Discord’s feelings, including the Fluttershy part.
I know it’s a kids show but again, if Spike, a canon character from mlp implied a possible love interest between Fluttershy and Discord it’s because there is a possibility between them. The writers would never have put such line in the script if this ship was impossible to happen because of the audience. It’s the writers’s choice, not our.
Background Pony #DA27
@Background Pony #D37D  
don’t pretending them as couple and don’t make your delusions of what Spike said, he is mentioning the friendship between the two of them, not about romance. Discord refers to himself and Fluttershy as “besties” in Discordant Harmony. That ship is not good for the children in each country to see that. in season 9 will be friendship with them, this is a tv kids show.
Background Pony #FB0E
@Background Pony #0D3C
They aren’t in a romantic relationship yet, but with Spike’s comment on Discord’s feelings in season 8 this ship is having a big chance to become canon in season 9.
Discord is older than Fluttershy but they are both adults. And I’m sorry but there is really no chemistry at all between Discord and Celestia so I doubt it would happen …
Background Pony #F661
@Background Pony #3523  
no, they are not part of a loving relationship, it’s not good that a child wacth this. he’s old man and she’s young, They’re best friends and they likely is friendship. Discord and Celestia are most likely to become a couple.