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(( Honorable Mentions: This was a very nice design, but I felt there was a bit lacking to it. Maybe if you added some black socks or a pattern for the cape, it would have done a bit better. I was tempted to choose this as battle gear, but there was a design that had a bit more to it that got it to pass. ))
safe1574053 artist:craftykraken66 artist:craftykrakenyo1 twilight sparkle282489 pony844694 unicorn265689 ask corrupted twilight sparkle161 armor21640 battle armor19 battle gear1 big crown thingy2181 cape9018 clothes408533 collar28697 corrupted2426 corrupted element of harmony36 corrupted element of magic30 corrupted twilight sparkle508 crown13944 curved horn5852 dark4197 dark equestria169 dark magic2405 dark queen175 dark world164 female898047 hoof shoes4118 horn43075 jewelry50804 magic65792 necklace15219 queen twilight262 regalia16269 solo972099 sombra eyes2993 sombra's horn424 tiara3081 tumblr35522 tyrant sparkle678 unicorn twilight12871


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