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A scene from Ponyville Noire, Volume Two, wherein Flash Sentry discovers that having his marefriend over to meet his mother might not have been a great idea. At least Twilight thinks he was adorable as a baby, and Joyful Sound can experience someone else enjoying the sight of her son’s baby pics.
(Note: the artist didn’t forget Twilight’s wings. She’s a unicorn in my AU)
safe1755167 artist:miyathegoldenflower91 flash sentry13185 twilight sparkle306668 oc713865 oc:joyful sound2 pegasus310810 pony1015100 unicorn344233 fanfic:ponyville noire24 :34720 :i1614 :t3873 alternate universe10524 baby picture27 blind967 blushing205274 blushing profusely2135 book34653 cane689 chest fluff41428 colored ears144 commission73433 couch8740 cute206234 diasentres280 ear fluff31429 embarrassed11767 eyes closed98579 fanfic art14983 female1405901 flashlight2820 floating heart3028 floppy ears54773 fluffy14736 foal15769 frown23645 grin41236 heart50218 hnnng2482 leg fluff3214 lidded eyes31907 lip bite12070 looking away3879 looking down9335 male389454 mare504248 mother and son3120 mothers gonna mother140 pacifier2727 pointing4193 raised hoof48601 shipping206169 shoulder fluff1960 simple background410570 sitting65771 smiling262513 stallion116318 straight140661 twiabetes12297 unicorn twilight18796 wavy mouth3877 white background102890 white cane7 wing fluff1708 yearbook111 yearbook photo52


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Of a scared tradition had mom dig out the baby album to show their friends how cute the offspring was like as a baby when joyful sound had dug out the baby album to show twilight how cute flash sentry was as a colt.