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suggestive172891 artist:mauroz827 starlight glimmer55325 sunset shimmer72643 equestria girls233890 armpits45186 ass68689 assisted exposure1986 audience478 barefoot32563 beach19155 belly button95718 bikini22389 blushing238705 bondage41006 bottomless15694 breasts343239 busty starlight glimmer3025 busty sunset shimmer6978 butt179065 clothes559285 faceless female1978 faceless male5871 feet48661 female1603425 fight6828 flower pattern swimsuit16 green swimsuit200 head out of frame823 imminent sex9056 improvised bondage12 lesbian108579 looking at each other27610 looking at someone7398 male459877 nudity452323 offscreen character43962 partial nudity25476 polka dot swimsuit99 purple swimsuit288 sand3057 sarong1306 shimmerglimmer508 shipping229761 shorts17192 side-tie bikini503 string bikini918 sweat33656 swimsuit34733 teasing4617 tree41438 undressing5967 untied bikini133 updated511


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Background Pony #B303
“You will now call me aunty Starlight!”
“Sunburst you didn’t?!”
Background Pony #B5AC
Sunset has lost her bet with Starlight and now she must pay the price.
For 24 hours she is her obedient and submissive slave and follows every order her mistress gives her.
Sunset keeps her word and allows Starlight to have her way with her.
Now that the victorious Starlight has complete control over her defeated, conquered and powerless friend she will take fully advantage of her predicament and enjoy herself with her gorgeous thrall for a whole day.
Background Pony #1B57
Can someone could upload his artwork from patreon? I wish i could have it but unfortunately i did not have credit to see his patreon artwork