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Background Pony #0EFE
I wonder if there was a My Little Pony special called My Little Pony: Attack of the Gofags, where Alvin Hung is under attack by a group of Gofags and their leaders Belly, Bongo and Violy, and it’s up Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus and The Mane Six to stop Belly, Bongo, Violy and the Gofags in order to protect Alvin Hung so that he would raise money for his poor family. However throughout the rest of the special, Belly, Bongo and Violy told the nine heroes that the three created a meteor known as the Futureanimate meteor, in which they hired a group of windigos to prepare for destruction which would ruin Goanimate forever. Twilight Sparkle, Bob the Tomato, Pinkie Pie, Larry the Cucumber, Fluttershy, Junior Asparagus, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Spike the Dragon hurried to a nearby cave where Alvin Hung is trying to stop the windigos, they reminded him that they will help him save Goanimate from being a website without business themes. Alvin Hung agrees their assistance then tells the windigos to leave, but the windigos refused by creating freezing cold blizzard. Alvin Hung and Spike got out of the cave safely, but Twilight Sparkle, Bob the Tomato, Pinkie Pie, Larry the Cucumber, Fluttershy, Junior Asparagus, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are trapped inside. Twilight Sparkle tells the others that the meteor would be destroyed if they said “I wish the meteor was gone!”. Rainbow Dash tries it by shouting “WINDIGOS, YOU BETTER STOP THAT BLIZZARD, CAUSE I WISH THE METEOR WAS GONE!” at the top of her lungs, but it backfired due the windigos zapping her with a lighting bolt so that she won’t fly even when she opens her wings. Twilight Sparkle reminded the other heroes that in order to get it to work, they have to close their eyes and say the phrase in their minds. Bob, Larry, Junior, Twilight, Pinkie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow knew that God would be there, even if three of Soldiers of God and The Princesses of Harmony would freeze to death. After the heroes closed their eyes when the ice went up to their bodies, they all became frozen solid. As the windigos began to set the meteor down to ground, the frozen heroes whispered “I wish the meteor was gone.” in their minds one by one. Magic swirls began to appear from the heroes’ frozen bodies, the swirls began flying from heroes’ frozen bodies before forming a big bright magic ball as the heroes continue saying “I wish the meteor was gone.” in their minds. The big bright magic ball flies up to the Futureanimate meteor and then when the meteor and the magic ball approach each other, the heroes yelled out “I wish the meteor was gone.” in their minds in unison, allowing the magic ball to push the meteor up into windigos’ circle, destroying the meteor and the windigos. Magic sparks began to shower down as everyone cheers. Joy arrives at the cave to congratulate the heroes, only to find them frozen solid. Joy sadly tells Bing-Bong to bring his rocket. At the Canterlot hall, everyone is happy that the heroes saved the day, but when Joy and Bing-Bong arrived with the frozen heroes, everyone was shocked that the heroes are dead by a freezing cold blizzard. Now the heroes’ bodies are completely covered in thick white blankets of ice. Starlight Glimmer arrives, but soon sees her friends frozen solid. Starlight Glimmer starts crying and starts to hug her teacher’s frozen body. One of Starlight’s tears lands on Twilight’s body, then Starlight buries her face with her hooves on the ground while crying , she soon says to her friends that she loves them, making her tear go toward her friends’ bodies one by one, which made nine rays of light appear from one of stained glass windows. Starlight Glimmer is still crying until a purple hoof strokes her mane for comfort, Starlight Glimmer stops crying as she discovers that the purple hoof belonged to Twilight Sparkle. Starlight Glimmer was surprised to see that Twilight Sparkle came back to life. Twilight Sparkle wasn’t the only one who came back to life, Bob, Larry, Junior, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash came to life as well. And well, you know the rest.