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There are moments when I really thought that I won't be able to draw anything just for fun, sometimes work is just sucking all the creativity and willingness to do anything after 10 hours of being ready for job. This have gladly changed since I am now changing career which will give me a bit more of a free time which I can use for relax. I hope I will be able to draw more thanks to this. The drawing I just did was a kind of a training I set for myself because the place I will be working at since next week will require a lot of detail in what I do, thus I had to do some practice.

The title is "Generations" and it focus on one of the very important element of life, the time passing and new generations being born. I know this is a kind of a quite difficult topic for anybody who owns an original character — that it should get older just like we do.
I was thinking a bit on how to put this into a drawing in a nice way, I did a couple of doodles of old Brave Wing and Applejack and finally came up with this idea.

The little filly you see as the main character here is Morning Bell, a very active and lively pony who always gets up very early which made her parents to call it a rooster.
The area you see is the land owned by Brave Wing's family. region is filled with many apple and orange orchards.

But this is the foreground.
Like I mentioned, I wanted to put the emphasis on aging, that is why you can spot the rest of the family relaxing under the tree where many years ago Brave Wing promised to himself and his sister Delicate Jay that he will fulfill his dream and become a jet fighter pilot.
Right now he is in his late 70's. You can notice his mane in a pale color tones, however making him old doesn't mean to make him look like a typical MLP old stallion so he is still good looking. He is not a military pilot anymore but he haven't drop flying and he became an owner of a private passenger airline. He decided to make it not his main source of income since he still is taking care of the farm passed by his parents to him and Applejack is helping him with the business.

Next to AJ and Brave Wing, you can see their second, younger child — Apple Straw, an earth pony stallion who is a chef in a restaurant in Baltimare.
His filly version you can see here

Just next to the trunk you can see an adult Wild Tempest who is Morning Bell's mother.
The stallion and a Bell's with the drink fridge is an OC made by my friend

Well I hope that this topic wasn't too odd for you. I know that once we create an OC, it is great to see it glorious, young and handsome but as you know I love Brave Wing and his family and I want to make his story interesting.

See you next time.
When will it be…?

I don't know but I am positive that a lot sooner than in this one and a half year.

safe1597760 artist:ruhisu290 applejack161061 oc615190 oc:apple straw1 oc:brave wing53 oc:morning bell1 oc:wild tempest6 butterfly6494 earth pony209969 pegasus251271 pony867302 absurd resolution63862 basket2754 canon x oc22432 farm496 female1270924 field1023 filly60578 flower23065 future497 male337721 mare431539 mountain4596 next generation5754 offspring34574 older23770 parent:applejack3389 parent:oc:brave wing5 parents:canon x oc1585 scenery7407 smiling220596 spread wings48900 stallion95604 tree28616 wind turbine generator15 wings83706


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