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safe1575766 artist:earthsong9405591 princess celestia90043 rarity169754 alicorn195358 pony845894 unicorn266284 airship882 cloven hooves9054 colored hooves4788 commission52009 curved horn5856 duo49402 ethereal mane6651 fanfic10202 fanfic art13052 fanfic cover1171 female899488 glowing mane375 horn43342 lesbian92236 magic65883 mare415580 rarilestia172 shipping184088 smiling215025 telekinesis24719


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Artist's description from DA:

Tier 4 commission (speedpainting) for ChibiRenamon, made to be the cover art of a future Rarilestia fanfiction! Here we see Rarity and Celestia engaging in a very elaborate game, when Rarity makes one hell of a move that allows her to outplay Celestia. Celly's… not too sure how she feels about it. o3o

I wanted the board game to look far more like an actual landscape, kinda like the elaborate ones some DnD players use for their games, with tiny magical avatars in their stead and everything to make the game a bit more grand. I opted to use Celestia's hair as the sky for the game's "landscape" since I thought it'd look cool <: I had a lot of fun working with this one! As soon as the fic releases I'll add a link to it here. :3
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