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Azure replies, “Surely not up here, Princess. We may be seen.”
Princess Flurry says sweetly, “Don’t worry about that. Just you and me on this cloud, Zurzur.”
These two played together when they were foals. Flying, racing, and challenging each other. They don’t do it as much now that they’re older yet Flurry doesn’t give up on her speedy hunk.
Art, FutureHooves, & Azure Sprint (c) Azurllinate
safe1919704 artist:azurllinate107 princess flurry heart8394 oc810175 oc:azure sprint9 alicorn264507 pegasus382782 pony1267213 blushing231048 blushing profusely2697 canon x oc29480 cheek fluff7548 cheek to cheek242 cloven hooves12218 ear fluff39580 fluffy16238 flure3 futurehooves38 hoof around neck304 nervous6797 next gen:futurehooves38 nickname78 offspring45630 older32834 older flurry heart2132 parent:rainbow dash6714 parent:soarin'2891 parents:soarindash2138 speech3285 speech bubble29579 spread wings70838 sweat32101 wingboner8896 wings163154


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