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Equestria At War

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Artist's description from DA:
To my knowledge, all (but two) stallions who make an appearance in Wonderbolts Academy (Season 3, Episode 7). Besides the left two, they are in the order that they appear, from left to right/top to bottom.

I thought I should revisit the cadet uniform that I like a little too much.

I omitted the one recolored from Mercury during the weather factory scene on purpose since I assume he and the rest of the group were recolored from the main group the episode was focused on for that one instance, and were basically recolored from the ponies they thought would receive the least attention, hoping that no one would notice. The other not here is Bulk Biceps/Snowflake.

Mercury's eyes are green throughout most of the episode. I wrote some speculation on why that is here if interested.

From left to right, by row:
* Mercury (or Milky Way; recently merchandised as "Starry Eyes"), Stormfeather, Spectrum (recently merchandised as "Rainbow Swoop"), Thorn, and Crescent Moon
* Thunderlane, Starburst, Warm Front (ex-Sunburst), Brolly (merchandised as Whitewash), and Star Hunter (lolwereyougonnasayhe'sjackwelltoobadheain't)
safe1552550 artist:chainchomp2308 brolly85 cool star38 crescent pony160 mane moon161 mercury238 rainbow swoop110 spectrum110 star hunter273 starburst (character)38 starry eyes (character)236 stormfeather31 thorn (character)25 thunderlane3772 warm front141 whitewash85 pegasus231710 pony824616 wonderbolts academy1247 absurd resolution63625 background pony8874 clothes399727 goggles13088 male298337 simple background336754 stallion90113 transparent background175666 uniform9035 vector71433 wonderbolt trainee uniform1138


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