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"No, no no. You two need to relax. You look so stressed!"

Butterscotch couldn't stop himself from blushing. Cocoa Cantle was just as red as he was. Butterscotch managed to say, "u-uh, Elusive, I-I can't help but feel this is rather…odd."

"Odd?" Elusive gave a gasp. "Darling, this is the new thing!"

"Uh, M-Mr. Elusive," Cocoa managed to squeak, "I-I get that it's the month of romance, a-and I get why making lingerie would be 'in', b-but couldn't we have gotten…female models?"

"O-or m-models who are professional and not me?" Butterscotch mumbled as Elusive sucked his teeth and shook his head.

"Tsk tsk, darlings." Elusive spoke with a playful tone, "you two are as good as any models! Why, I'm sure with you two, I'll be up to my neck in orders! And they make you two look ravishing~" Butterscotch was quite use to hearing this from Elusve and knew by now his tactics to butter him up, but Cocoa ate it up and his heart sped up.

"…Okay, but is the makeup necessary?"

"Darling, the sooner I get these pictures, the sooner you can take it off."
suggestive130731 artist:midday sun127 coco pommel5623 fluttershy201198 human145116 belly button69823 blushing179590 bra14501 bunny lingerie4 butterscotch1765 camisole135 choker9906 clothes419041 cocoa cantle45 collar29594 crop top bra941 crossdressing8484 cutout163 embarrassed10409 femboy8149 gloves17820 humanized95683 implied elusive4 implied gay1187 implied marshmallow coco13 implied rarity966 implied shipping4500 limited color220 lingerie9674 lowres1015 makeup18615 male337937 nightgown1315 panties46636 pinkunderwear2 rule 6325242 socks58407 soft color1820 stockings29269 thigh highs29604 traditional art110065 trap4246 underwear56213 yellow underwear547


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