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Happy Valentine’s Day/Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony! This is my first pony related holiday upload ever Have some of my barely-to-never explored nextgen universe ships!

I’m usually very lukewarm on opposites-attract ships. A lot of ones I see are too different on essential levels, like literally what they want out of life. However, I have got some opposites-attract ships! I’m partial towards birds-of-a-feather ships though, so I’ve included both my most opposite-y and my most same-y

1. Pharynx never warmed to the feelings forum, no matter how ‘reformed’ he got. It was just too saccharine, even if every other changeling seemed to like it. Even so, he did eventually attend one more time, in an effort to apologize to forum leader, Larynx, for his poor behavior towards her when they first met—something that nagged at him for a long time. He waited until the end of the session, before approaching her on his own, and delivered a gruff “I shouldn’t have, uh, been mean that time… m’sorry.” He fully expected her to refuse his awkward apology, but to Pharynx’s surprise, she drew him into a hug instead. To his further surprise, Pharynx blushed. It was a few weeks before he got up the nerve to speak to Larynx again (getting used to happy feelings in general had been hard for him, let alone a first crush). On Thorax’s advice he brought her a bouquet of flowers, and awkwardly asked if she might… sorta… want to… maybe… come to the castle and watch the sun set? She did, and his heart raced for the entire time that they sat together. Just as the last rays passed over the changeling kingdom, Larynx leaned over and kissed Pharynx on the cheek. He blushed, squeaked, covered his face, and essentially acted very un-Pharynx for a few moments, before turning back to the smaller changeling and kissing her determinedly. Even years, marriage, and a baby later, Pharynx never stops being flustered at his wife’s shows of affection.
In my nextgen future, they’re the parents of Scutellum.

2. Blueblood’s romantic life had always been a sort of contradiction. He’d have hordes of mares clamoring for his affections at all times, thanks to his status, appearance, and artificial charm. However, any actual romances never lasted more than a single date, due to his behavior driving them away. When Blueblood met Songbird Serenade during one year’s Grand Galloping Gala, he quickly got to flirting with her, and found that she was a stand-out mare among those he’d known before: she opened doors for him, pulled out his chair for him, payed for things—exactly how he felt ponies were meant to treat him, but no marefriends had ever before! They went on more than a dozen dates, Blueblood utterly blissful, before the prince noticed that… Songbird treated everypony that way. She was cloyingly sweet and kind with… literally everypony. Blueblood didn’t expect himself to be horrified by this revelation, but he was—he wasn’t special to her. And that made him jealous. The next few weeks were spent with Blueblood absolutely throwing himself at Songbird’s hooves, tossing his coat over puddles, opening every door she might have been about to use, sending her floral arrangements so extravagant that they were probably intended for funerals, and giving death-glares to every stallion she smiled at (which was every stallion). Eventually Songbird asked the prince why in Equestria he’d gotten so weird all of a sudden. He stammered as he tried to put together an explanation, before a sudden realization made him blurt out “because I think I’m in love with you!” Songbird giggled as he continued to explain his reasoning, before assuring him that she was quite enamored with him as well, and appreciated that he was trying to be a better pony for her… in his own screwed up way, at least.
In my nextgen future, they’re the parents of Narcissa Serenata.

3. Zephyr Breeze moved to Dodge Junction on a whim, with the idea that he could really make it if he was just… somewhere else! Changes of scenery are supposed to be helpful with motivation! So he moved halfway across Equestria to somewhere where he had no friends or support system. It was a good idea. Shut up. Either way, he did eventually find another position as a mane stylist, in a salon that he would find was frequented by Cherry Jubilee. She was beautiful, and therefor he needed to hit on her her. Zephyr would soon discover that Cherry was just as much a shameless flirt as he was. Before long they were all over each other, their similarly striking voices overpowering all conversation around them, giggling and chatting about themselves, their work, their interests, themselves—their relationship progressed slowly, dating without much commitment for several years before Cherry, without looking up from her book, casually informed Zephyr that he needed to either propose to her or get out of her house forever. Zephyr proposed to her. The pegasus still works at the salon, but has relaxed into being a big more of a house-husband to the self-made wealthy Cherry, who loves doting on her ridiculous special-somepony.
In my nextgen future, they’ve elected not to raise children.

4. I’ve already explained my Lighting X Trixie pairing in detail here, but there’s never too many TrixieDust drawings so I’m including it here anyway You can read their whole thing through that link, but essentially Lightning and Trixie’s affection for each other is as big as their combined egos, and even in the future when they’ve been married for years, neither a hormonal pregnancy nor Lightning Dust’s bad accident will keep Trixie from absolutely swooning over the pegasus. Lightning’s a little less overly sweet about it, but her world consists of flying and Trixie and their daughter when they have her, lmao, and she makes sure that everypony knows it.
In my nextgen future, they’re the parents of Light Show.
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