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Sorry, I late… =_=
… but anyway I want to say "Happy B-day!" to "Them's Fightin' Herds" game and "Good luck!" to Mane6 devs.
Keep it up, lads!
P.S. I got some concepts and ideas for franchise, so if you wanna more info — let me know. I'll be glad to help!
( ^_= )
safe1709634 artist:cyrilunicorn144 arizona cow1153 big mama15 fhtng th§ ¿nsp§kbl308 oleander1163 paprika paca891 pom lamb682 tianhuo613 velvet reindeer1354 alpaca955 classical unicorn4118 cow3340 deer5798 demon2954 dog9537 lamb523 longma625 reindeer2009 sheep1532 unicorn324751 them's fightin' herds4536 anniversary453 cloven hooves10209 community related4219 female1365997 fightin' six147 fred134 happy birthday1240 leonine tail8634 male373804 mare482141 puppy607 unicornomicon144 unshorn fetlocks25590


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