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littlepip & gun (test)
safe1554999 artist:wangkingfun297 oc593327 oc:littlepip3737 pony826165 unicorn257186 fallout equestria15049 assault rifle704 battle rifle15 clothes400706 cutie mark39536 energy weapon267 fanfic10145 fanfic art12813 female879043 glowing horn16156 gun14373 h&k g326 handgun2345 heckler and koch39 hooves16148 horn40393 laser rifle107 levitation10302 little macintosh525 magic64477 magical energy weapon140 mare403993 open mouth120276 optical sight944 pipbuck3214 raised hoof37865 revolver1476 rifle3317 scope227 solo958904 teeth7580 telekinesis24067 vault suit3161 weapon26709


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Just pony

Будет немного больно
За магазин лучше не держать, а то защёлку заденет.
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