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So this morning, i came down with a slight case of let's say upset stomach. And while i got better as the day went on, i decided to make this picture to show how it could have been worse.

Also, poor guard who escorted me in. XD
safe1574063 artist:johnnyxluna142 princess luna93934 tempest shadow15357 oc604136 oc:prince lightning chaser68 alicorn194997 pegasus239201 pony844708 unicorn265701 3d62498 bust40628 canterlot castle1756 do not go in there1 fart1901 female898056 flower22096 gas367 gassy84 green face131 illness30 imminent vomiting41 implied diarrhea31 implied pooping115 male305095 mare414938 portrait28539 royal guard7051 smelly812 source filmmaker37790 stallion92547 toilet1464 worried3419


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