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Oh look, a half finished piece that has no bearing on anything Rose has been posting about. Who the Hell was surprised Yay…

It's coming close to the end of term 1 in school for me which means I have little to no time to myself. However, I didn't come here to complain. Just to make more false promises and show you something I doodled on the side. I have a big sketchdump on the way for the Pie and Dash family but that will take me some more time. I'm tempted to post the stuff I finished now. But likely I'll save that for a few more days

For now…GENDERSWAP DESIGNS…Tinker and Azimuth's forms don't look much different. MacGyver isn't much taller than Tinker but he's more fluffy! Zenith is a great deal more powerful in personality. Unlike her male counterpart, Zen was born into a Matriach and was groomed much earlier on. She tends to be more mature…but she's also kind of a biotche. Even more so than Azimuth…which is a feat in and of itself.

Empire Apple is an actor as a male, and often plays villain roles. He's just as suave and flirtatous as Little Lady!

Last is Emblem who looks exactly like her mother once did. Look at this poor child!? She is frightened! Someone hug her before she starts stress crying! She's got a lot on her plate!
safe1690527 artist:frozensoulpony531 oc674599 oc only442952 oc:allegory8 oc:emblem2 oc:empire apple3 oc:little lady41 oc:mcgyver1 oc:prince azimuth15 oc:sundance tinker15 oc:zenith12 hybrid18312 pony952114 interspecies offspring7180 male367373 offspring38330 parent:applejack3827 parent:comet tail178 parent:discord3265 parent:jet set106 parent:princess luna2245 parent:rainbow dash5640 parent:thunderlane542 parent:twilight sparkle8177 parents:applejet64 parents:cometlight141 parents:lunacord186 parents:thunderdash106 rule 6326590 stallion106677 traditional art116829


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