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Inspired by this nifty concept: >>1859877
Please excuse if I forgot any tags sob

Alright soo long story short, Equestria is overwhelmed by a sudden 'curse' it is not yet known what the reason or origin for it is but it has affected all cutiemark owners, tho we will concentrate on Equestrias protectors here, the elements of harmony.

The condition is as follows: ponys suddenly found themselves awoken with a new cutiemark, emblazened between their shoulder blades, said cutiemark representing their 'soul bond' another pony which they are practically forced to be close to. Bonded ponies have to stay close together; otherwise: pain, sickness and eventual death follow.
Staying away from their bond is painful, but not just that, intimacy or pregnancy initiated with non-bonded parties generally end in failure including mental,emotional and physical distress.

Basically a soulmates AU but filled with angst woops, bless Sapphi-boo for the idea.
I wanted to do something new to get out of my art rut so I threw on a good ol pony randomizer and ended up with the colorful assortment you see above.
Cutting the details into seperate pics to avoid a huge wall of text

Applejack — Luna — Caramel

Twilight Sparkle — Limestone Pie

Rarity — Svengallop

Fluttershy — Shining Armor
Cadance — Zecora

Pinkie Pie — Starlight Glimmer

Rainbow Dash — Flim
Flam — Celestia

Curent Offspring
safe1574770 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24350 applejack158792 caramel2354 flam2020 flim2140 fluttershy197714 limestone pie4703 pinkie pie203163 princess cadance30435 princess celestia89988 princess luna93954 rainbow dash219286 rarity169647 shining armor21753 spike74815 starlight glimmer43837 svengallop324 twilight sparkle282599 zecora8789 alicorn195132 classical unicorn3882 dragon48124 earth pony198725 pegasus239356 pony845172 unicorn265896 zebra15724 soul bond au11 alternate design2192 alternate universe9269 angry23955 beard3224 book30632 carameluna2 caramelunajack2 clothes408755 cloven hooves9045 collar28718 colored hooves4776 crack shipping3504 crossed arms4196 crown13949 crying40152 drunk4474 drunker dash385 facial hair4981 female898577 flamlestia2 flim flam brothers1180 flimdash2 floating crown22 flutterarmor28 glasses54877 glimmerpie53 hug25455 jewelry50850 laughing7110 leonine tail7354 lesbian92163 lunajack108 magic65832 male305265 moustache2783 ot412 paper2991 polyamory6144 pony pile692 pullover39 rarigallop2 regalia16276 scowl501 shiningcadance2396 shipping183899 simple background345374 straight121637 stubble276 suit5112 tired2881 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115148 twimestone3 unshorn fetlocks22172 zecadance5


not provided yet


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Ooh. A soulmate AU. I haven't really heard of those but I'd love to hear the stories behind the ships you chose for this AU.
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Background Pony #B205
Tree of Harmony bumping pony figures together and making kissy noises
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Background Pony #9B8D
This is crackshipping on a whole other level.

Is there a good fimfic on this or it's just your art ?
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