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safe (1503155) artist:airiniblock (358) misty fly (445) pegasus (213351) pony (780221) beautiful (4046) clothes (382452) cloud (30206) cute (163277) ear fluff (20453) featured image (744) female (827484) goggles (12430) mare (375801) rcf community (4412) sky (10518) solo (926008) uniform (8316) wonderbolts uniform (5112)


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They'll even pick some from years back.

That does happen often, but what to nominate/vote for is at each mod's discretion.

For example, I prefer to see the featured slot go to more recent images by artists who are still active and who are members of the site. So if you see a featured image that was only uploaded a few weeks prior (like >>2150503 or >>2175695), that's often (but not always) my nomination.
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Staff members can nominate one image for featuring, and can vote on which of the nominees should be featured. Every 3 days Mildgyth counts the votes and then the winner is featured. Every one of the 700+ featured images went through that process, aside from the special pics like the collabs and a few that were featured immediately for special events.

Most of the time we try to pick artists who:
* are still active
* are Derpi members
* haven't been featured before, or haven't been featured within the last year