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suggestive126314 artist:mauroz513 editor:michaelsety51 applejack157322 fluttershy195861 pinkie pie201460 rainbow dash217300 rarity168021 twilight sparkle279929 human140038 equestria girls177554 accidental exposure315 armpits41237 barefoot23835 breasts235114 eyes closed78472 feet33877 fence2473 grass7958 hot springs366 humanized93134 mane six29026 morning770 naked towel132 nudity328536 open mouth120522 sakazuki4 signature18274 sitting53859 this will end in a broken neck2 this will end in pain1659 this will end in tears2978 toes5343 towel3217 wardrobe malfunction4442 water11061


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Thorned Rose Ninja
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This was it: The moment that changed Pinkie Pie’s life…as she landed a perfect backflip into a back handspring and finished with a quadruple aerial cartwheel!
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This one has human coloration and a background above the fence. There's also one with the background but the normal character colors and one with human coloration but no background.
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