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Ocellus, like all changelings, feeds on love. Typically they go for the love that ponies have between each other, although gushing about something you love will do in a pinch. It’s tasty and filling if nothing else- it’s like the Changeling equivalent of ramen noodles.

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safe1751583 artist:omny87352 ocellus5448 sandbar5608 zapp825 changedling8792 changeling49861 earth pony266369 pony1011525 :34706 changeling feeding311 comic111533 comic book663 cute205812 cute little fangs2198 diaocelles1059 eyes closed98234 fangs26718 featured image908 feeding1358 female1402837 floating heart2987 forked tongue1273 gradient background13431 heart50062 hoof hold8627 hungry636 licking20876 licking lips4428 lidded eyes31824 looking down9302 male388372 misleading24 open mouth154635 power ponies2781 reading6432 sad25082 sandabetes711 smiling261362 speech bubble24420 stomach noise3322 sweet dreams fuel1668 talking6169 teenager4752 tongue out108372 wavy mouth3867


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Background Pony #31CE

Thats not the same he had learned to share love and no longer hungered for it and was all the more powerful for it.

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Free the Tantabus

Hey y’all, it’s super cool y’all are having a nice, civil discussion on an interesting topic! But alas, I’m afraid it would be better to move talk of things like headcanons to our forums. In fact, we have two threads that are perfect for it! So if y’all don’t mind, please continue this discussion there.

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le grand rêveur

To put it simply, it has not changed their nature they are always changeling.

they always have this need for love it is one of these magical energies of this world. (they are dependent on it)
the difference is that they are able now, the generated this love themselves, like the other species.
this is explained because their society has changed. (more friendly therefore more love)

As for the classic food all species must feed this is organic.
it is easier to imagine that their war culture before did not linger on developing refined dishes.
(no banquet or receipt, just survival rations)

pour faire simple ce n’a pas changé leur nature ils sont toujours des changeling.

ils ont toujours ce besoin d’amour c’est une de ces énergies magique de ce monde. (ils en sont dépendant)
la différence est qu’ils sont capable maintenant, de le généré cette amoure eux même, comme les autres espèces.
ceci s’explique car leur société elle à changé. (plus amicale donc plus d’amour)

pour ce qui est de la nourriture classique toutes les espèces doivent ce nourrir c’est biologique.
il est plus simple d’imaginé que leur culture guerrière d’avant ne s’attardait pas à développé des plats raffiné.
(pas de banquet ni de réception, juste des rations de survit)

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Yes the changelings do eat food after transforming, and no, Chrysalis is not a mother. They’re not that similar to insects. It’s been proven that they’re all capable of reproducing. And it makes sense that Chrysalis wouldn’t because she wouldn’t want an heir to challenge her position.

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Downvote Addict

@Background Pony #3F9C
What about her? As a changeling she needs love to survive. And as Thorax proves, changlings can create love and can be loved naturally to be fed much better.
Chrysalis was not trapped in isolation, but what she was doing, I don’t know. We see her outright suck love from a snakish monster whilst she’s with Tirek and Cozy. So I don’t think she was generating love, nor getting it from her allies. I think she just went on hunts for it. Probably not eating well though.
Also she is totally the mother of a damn good portion of changelings. She’s an insect queen, it’s kinda as implied as it can get. But also changelings are changlings. I don’t think there’s anything stopping them from shifting into a queen type, or otherwise changing their anatomy to fit this new culture. Though it is also possible there are no new changelings being born, and the family units are purely an attempt at acting more like ponies. They just group up and assign roles. That sounds damn in character too.

As for the changedlings eating actual food… That’s kinda weird. They’re love eaters, but they can all make love. Essentially they shouldn’t get hungry anymore. I don’t get why they began eating physical foods. I don’t think their transformation would change them that much. They retain all their other abilities too, so it really is just a cosmetic thing. One where the longer they leave it, and store up that love, the bigger they become.

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