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If you think about it, flowers and chocolates serve the same purpose for ponies…


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safe1750484 artist:omny87352 princess cadance33153 alicorn232898 pony1010546 :t3865 bouquet1024 chocolate3443 chocolates39 cute205703 cutedance1289 daaaaaaaaaaaw4684 eating9957 eyes on the prize5563 female1401857 flower26705 food72980 happy32184 hearts and hooves day2165 herbivore1216 horses doing horse things1266 levitation12568 magic75387 mare502185 nom3101 open mouth154339 patreon12926 patreon reward1654 puffy cheeks3969 rose4011 smiling260935 solo1094361 telekinesis28730


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Ok, THIS is freaking adorable and I truly, truly HATE to be "That Guy", but . . .

Now to wait for the edit with an additional two panels featuring a horse cock.

I'm so sorry, but we all know it's coming.