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The first request done for my second grid adopt. She's a lovely unicorn daughter between Rarity and Coco Pommel, a joy to create.

Name suggestions: Chic Pommel, Unique Pommel

Character suggestions: As you can see her cutie mark is a shoe and bow tie, this represents her party hosting ability. While she plans parties much like Pinkie Pie, she prefers to host more sophisticated gatherings. Usually her parties will actually be for more than just a good time, but for charity events. More than anything she loves being able to help others with her talent. She has a very high end taste, much like her mothers, and can be consider snooty. But she is never purposefully rude, and if she does hurt someone's feelings she is quick to mend it.

This pony belongs to WereMorta

No one else may use this design without permission from the owner.
safe1574523 artist:littlejurnalina15 coco pommel5471 rarity169621 oc604359 pony845016 unicorn265807 bracelet7880 female898382 jewelry50838 lesbian92164 magical lesbian spawn10718 mare415100 marshmallow coco253 necklace15228 offspring34356 parent:coco pommel169 parent:rarity3565 parents:marshmallow coco22 pearl necklace1000 raised hoof39268 screencap reference283 shipping183866


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