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This is my first RariMac pic/WiP. And before you start assuming this… Applejack's NOT jealous, she just thinks Rarity's acting ridiculous.

I'm anti RariJack. So if you comment something supporting that ship without bothering to read the damn description, your comment will be hidden. Seriously… If you can't read, I'm NOT wasting my time replying to you.

Big Mac gets one scratch while doing farm work and Rarity's already scared of losing him! It's a silly idea, but I thought it'd be cute.


(This will be my last pic for a while. I've just gotten pretty busy this week. And with my birthday coming up on the 1st of October, I really don't feel like working on anything for a while. RPs, I will be free for.)


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Hahaha, a RariMac scenario with Rares at her drama peak would definitely call for lots of clashing between the soon-to-be sisters in law.