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@I have watched this show since it first aired. I loved and adored it all. It had taught me a lot and had helped me in many ways, surprisingly.  
I loved this show so much. I would watch it all the time, i would watch youtube videos of them (Especially speedpaints) and draw them myself. I would buy a  
bunch of the toys and played with them, night and day.  
Once i had gotten my own da, i made so much fanart and made so many friends, and i adored this show.  
I was offically part if the fandom.  
The fandom was so big, and so huge, but over the years, a lot of the youtuber’s channels and sites started to die.. They didnt post for over 2 years and never said anything.  
The fandom had started to die and i started to leave the fandom.  
I still watched the show but i rarely drew them due to there not being so many things to draw. When i got into “Warriors”, i was able to have a lot of more things to draw.  
Rabbits, deer, foxes, cats, dogs, a lot more than I did than when i was in the MLP fandom.  
when i got the notif that Season 9 was going to be the last season, my heart sank.  
Even though im not as close to the show as i once was, i was still pretty heartbroken. I had watched the show since i was 5, (When it first aired) and even though i didnt like it as much, it still had a place in my heart.  
This is the end of MLP Gen. 4.  
whats going to come next?  
MLP gen. 4 has become one of the most famous and most popular MLP generations world-wide apparently.  
Even many guys liked it, who are now known as bronies!  
i loved this show so much and it will always Hold a dear place in my heart. I would like to thank CandySweets90240 and Raye-Bae for sticking with me throughout my many DA accounts and making me feel more inspired with the fandom everyday. Even though we may have stopped drawing them, they are still a part of our childhood,  
I hope the MLP fandom will still have people post, because keeping this fandom alive would be, just amazing.  
Thank you to everyone, and especially hasbro for making me finally see what friendship is really like.@
May the magic of friendship, always live inside you.
safe1754413 artist:moodledoodlee3 applejack173584 fluttershy217599 pinkie pie220529 rainbow dash238947 rarity185943 spike80597 starlight glimmer49879 twilight sparkle306618 alicorn233506 dragon58844 earth pony267509 pegasus310496 pony1014012 unicorn343832 abstract background16178 applejack's hat8525 baby10710 baby dragon1365 blushing205171 chest fluff41400 cowboy hat17283 cute206148 dashabetes9670 diapinkes10303 digital art20227 eyebrows6618 eyebrows visible through hair3293 eyes closed98497 female1405163 folded wings6639 glimmerbetes3913 happy32260 hat90651 male389125 mane seven6686 mane six32637 mare503784 one eye closed32671 open mouth155195 profile6292 rainbow4750 rainbow background190 raribetes5640 shyabetes14541 smiling262257 spikabetes2090 spread wings57275 twiabetes12295 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126358 wings123787 wink25738


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