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suggestive162791 artist:cobaltsnow432 applejack182468 spike84685 twilight sparkle322567 dragon65864 earth pony323307 pony1229775 spike at your service1114 blushing225015 dialogue74944 female1521702 hat101161 implied shipping5784 leaf1203 lesbian104687 log776 male429565 mare569010 marionette217 open mouth179953 puppet613 rock5089 scarred for life51 scene interpretation9490 shipping220576 stick750 timber wolf puppet19 twijack1226


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If it wasn’t for the “Tehehehe” I’d imagine Twilight doing this accidentally and innocently minded while AJ would be wondering what the hell she was trying to do.
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And behind the bushes Dash is laughing so hard she can’t stand up, while Fluttershy is turning so red she looks like she’s on fire.
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you’d think they’d be able to make a slightly more convincing Timberwolf with Twi’s magic and probable knowledge of them :T