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Butterscotch brings all the bad mares to the yard. He can teach you, but he has to charge.

Flat Color Commission for BeatleBoy92
explicit317871 artist:zwitterkitsune710 discord28707 fluttershy197881 king sombra12686 queen chrysalis32327 anthro230578 unguligrade anthro42993 2 handfuls of dem hips1289 abs9231 all the mares tease butterscotch39 areola13490 big areola5026 big breasts68555 breasts239930 busty eris243 busty queen chrysalis3142 busty queen umbra435 butterscotch1749 butterscotch gets all the mares7 chrysascotch1 chrysashy49 clothes409385 dialogue60592 discoshy2502 eris1951 eriscotch54 female899993 femboy on mare177 gangbang2289 group sex13778 half r63 shipping1735 huge breasts31993 lidded eyes25696 light femdom1 lucky bastard1357 male305790 malesub3676 nipples143400 nudity334103 obscured penetration1495 pubic fluff3440 queen umbra971 reverse cowgirl3575 reverse gangbang31 rule 6325235 sex107462 shipping184134 socks56828 softcore1525 sombrashy315 straight121753 submissive13085 thigh highs28402 umbrascotch8 unshorn fetlocks22211 vulgar19607


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Background Pony #E806
Well… I mean that last one I feel like "mother-likeness" is up for debate. But yeah lol I understand the disappointment.
Background Pony #E806
Finally, a reverse gangbang where the male is actually the sub and it's not just another harem.