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Tumblr description:
"There comes a time in every feeder’s life when they realize they need to be more careful where they place themselves when feeding their feedee. Doubly so when its Glacia.

This was an idea suggested by a fan of mine named Apex Vore Miranda. Thanks, Miranda, this was a fan concept to work out. Hope the rest of you like. Off to work on another request."
safe (1526625) artist:zeldafan777 (213) oc (575495) oc:glacia (25) oc:slots (19) merpony (1670) pony (801465) adorafatty (284) belly (22983) belly bed (2215) bloated (398) dialogue (56836) eating too much (67) eyes closed (75942) fat (19049) female (851358) happy (26357) huge belly (1612) implied feeding (13) impossibly fat mare (33) impossibly large belly (8447) large belly (741) male (289611) mare (390015) morbidly obese (6502) obese (9679) open mouth (116487) overeating (59) squishy (1995) stallion (86807) stomach noise (2488) weight gain (3411)


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Background Pony #3020
No slots get more and make her belly even bigger just don’t stop but don’t let her pop