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safe1637505 artist:hooon22 idw14782 accord75 adagio dazzle12389 ahuizotl815 angel bunny9590 antonio16 applejack164400 aria blaze9415 arimaspi86 auntie shadowfall11 babs seed5666 basil354 biff181 big boy the cloud gremlin62 bookworm (character)24 buck withers66 bulk biceps3355 cerberus (character)184 chancellor neighsay613 chimera sisters236 cipactli75 cirrus cloud22 clump218 cosmos (character)474 cozy glow6884 dandy grandeur37 daybreaker2640 decepticolt25 diamond tiara9957 discord29714 dj pon-328648 doctor caballeron773 dumbbell620 f'wuffy19 feather bangs535 fido513 filthy rich1118 flam2090 flim2192 fluttershy205457 gaea everfree570 garble1719 gilda9325 gladmane153 gloriosa daisy1777 goldcap25 granny smith5193 grubber824 hard hat (character)50 high heel144 hoops427 indigo zap2366 ira23 iron will1311 jet set441 juniper montage1265 king longhorn56 king sombra13266 lemon zest3085 lightning dust4396 long face41 lord tirek5156 lyra heartstrings28705 mane-iac1589 manny roar199 marine sandwich17 mean applejack255 mustachioed apple32 nightmare moon16295 nightmare rarity2902 nosey news27 olden pony68 pinkie pie209736 pony of shadows463 prince blueblood3963 prince rutherford728 princess celestia92232 princess eris136 princess luna96453 principal abacus cinch936 professor flintheart44 quarterback189 queen chrysalis33651 queen cleopatrot22 rabia67 radiant hope455 rainbow dash226361 rarity175774 reginald76 rogue (character)189 rolling thunder220 rough diamond28 rover978 sci-twi22948 screwball1430 shadow lock121 shadowmane30 short fuse142 silver spoon6343 sludge (dragon)339 smooze830 snails5209 snips4133 sonata dusk13054 sour sweet3199 sphinx (character)898 spike76586 spoiled rich1060 spot447 squizard37 starlight glimmer46455 stinky bottom9 storm king1154 street rat45 sugarcoat3186 sunflower (character)58 sunny flare2652 sunset shimmer59981 suri polomare1175 svengallop342 tantabus463 temperance flowerdew25 tempest shadow16329 the headless horse (character)83 trixie64941 twilight sparkle291505 upper crust626 vignette valencia676 vinyl scratch28648 wallflower blush1920 well-to-do52 wind rider227 withers183 wrangler73 zappityhoof25 zesty gourmand150 oc641733 oc:kydose139 alicorn210715 bat pony46209 bee990 bird7556 bugbear185 cerberus268 changeling44012 changeling queen14457 chimera520 cockatrice511 cragadile122 crocodile256 diamond dog3305 dog8999 draconequus10142 dragon52054 earth pony223358 flash bee76 fruit bat312 giant spider81 griffon25553 headless horse274 hydra460 manticore521 minotaur987 parasprite2015 pegasus265243 pony903184 pukwudgie66 roc147 siren2011 sphinx1752 spider1697 tatzlwurm248 timber wolf1287 umbrum1043 unicorn294522 ursa minor589 vampire fruit bat174 wendigo28 windigo614 yak4323 equestria girls190844 equestria girls series30909 forgotten friendship5075 legend of everfree7769 molt down830 my little pony: the movie18466 nightmare knights194 ponies of dark water153 rollercoaster of friendship2305 school daze2694 secrets and pies758 the mean 61619 spoiler:comic10388 spoiler:comic0232 spoiler:comic3388 ahuizotl's cats66 alicorn amulet1821 alicornified5064 antagonist1510 apple15468 background pony9772 bat ponified2424 black vine597 carrie nation19 chaos1157 chaos is magic35 clone2237 clothes434810 collar30931 colt14048 crown15453 crystal prep shadowbolts1296 cutie mark44016 derpy spider16 dog collar229 ear piercing23917 earring19510 equestria girls ponified4154 evil pie hater dash252 eyepatch2856 eyes closed86043 female1303404 filly62773 flim flam miracle curative tonic47 floating island259 flutterbat6695 food65838 geode of empathy2757 geode of fauna1571 geode of shielding1928 geode of sugar bombs1724 geode of super speed1999 geode of super strength1829 geode of telekinesis2612 gold tooth93 hat81623 headless712 henchmen354 hope97 horn ring5282 inspiration manifestation book92 jewelry57017 magical geodes7948 male350452 mane six30816 mare448805 midnight sparkle2464 modular1118 multiple heads1576 piercing37985 pinkamena diane pie18655 poison joke782 ponified39453 pouch pony11 queen bee22 quill (character)26 race swap13587 red eyes5629 regalia18094 score237 shadow five627 smudge26 spear2313 spiked collar926 spikezilla494 staff2841 staff of sacanas374 stallion100369 the dazzlings4177 three heads571 top hat3997 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119846 tyrant sparkle715 uniform9932 wall of tags2802 wallpaper18226 washouts uniform586 weapon28997 wings92590


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Background Pony #4088
@Background Pony #D30F

That's simple. Every time someone edits this image to add more villains, they edit the previous version. So someone just added that OC early on and then every version since has had it.
Background Pony #DA27
Villains, huh? I still don’t get why that OC is here or why he’s holding that anti Spike poster. I know the commissioner did some shady stuff to get his OC mass produced but, if memory serves, the character themself wasn’t evil or anything.
Background Pony #4088
Why was this merged? The new version added Cosmos and Stinky Bottom to the group.

@Background Pony #D30F

Because new villains are added all the time to either the show or the comics. So people update it. And sometimes people will notice an antagonist that was not included before and also add them in an update.
Artist -

Noodles > Everything
Princess Eris is too close of pony of shadows… oh boi… at least Tirek and Cosmos aren´t too close of Discord.