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suggestive172892 artist:tcn1205440 applejack187807 rarity203149 human202836 equestria girls233892 applejack's hat11903 applesub370 bare shoulders5066 bdsm9174 blushing238705 bondage41006 bra19283 breasts343255 cleavage40974 clothes559288 collar41466 cowboy hat21930 dialogue80176 female1603427 femdom9423 femsub12893 gag17517 good girl606 hat108952 humanized110138 leash9444 lesbian108581 looking at each other27610 open clothes3259 pet2146 pet play4650 pigtails5667 pony coloring3018 raridom444 rarijack7724 sexy38004 shipping229763 sleeveless7250 speech3343 submissive21179 underwear70830 undressing5967


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Rarity being the dom when they roleplay seems to be a trend. And I’m okay with this.
Also, I love all the kiss marks on AJ’s body - sooo cute!  
I imagine all of AJ’s skin will have a red tint by the time Rare’s done with her~