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safe1554979 artist:stormxf3122 oc593324 oc only404008 oc:echo612 bat pony42331 human139762 pony826141 amazing43 animated90974 apple14388 bat pony oc13678 behaving like a cat1844 breaking the fourth wall756 computer5482 cute173545 cuteness overload133 daaaaaaaaaaaw3039 dilated pupils583 ear fluff22503 ear tufts394 eyes on the prize4801 fangs21546 featured image777 female879026 food59317 fourth wall2121 frown21348 hand7640 hnnng2236 irl62305 irl human24372 laptop computer2000 leaning3060 looking at something2224 male298918 mare403977 monitor527 ocbetes4139 offscreen character28719 photo70205 pov14635 slit eyes3957 solo focus16165 sound6446 that pony sure does love fruits7 tracking4 visual effects of awesome17 weapons-grade cute3102 webm9676 wide eyes16020


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Really, that shouldn't be difficult at all. You'd probably have to configure it (either in building it or on the user side) for specific objects, but there's already a lot of stuff that does similar things (Facerig, for instance).
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