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Finally got the excuse to finish the mane 6 lineup with the absolute OTP of Eqqverse
yup, Discojack/Applecord is big ol canon and I love it, prepare for future spam of these two idiots.

I'm sure there are questions about these kids ? Feel free to ask ~
Otherwise, more on the NG over here:
safe1577309 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24378 applejack158968 discord28717 draconequus9042 earth pony199683 pony847093 eqqverse34 alternate design2200 apple of discord48 applecord30 applejack's hat5397 beard3230 beard pull8 chromatic aberration1354 cowboy hat13170 eye contact6169 facial hair4991 female900701 flying34371 freckles25466 hat76720 headcanon2129 heart hair12 horns4700 laughing7121 looking at each other16469 male306027 mare416253 shipping184210 simple background346202 smiling215395 smirk10942 stallion92930 straight121824 tension12 unshorn fetlocks22239


not provided yet


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This is an interesting rarepair/crackship. I wonder how the two of them became a thing. (Also, I'm getting Gravity Falls vibes from that illumanati apple.)
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