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This is an edited version of This image. This edit was thrown together for those who do not agree with some ideas the original was giving in the form of headcanons. This is a more vanilla/lore friendlyish version of a humanized version of the mane six.
explicit398180 artist:megasweet3189 edit150136 applejack183576 fluttershy231490 pinkie pie233026 rainbow dash253225 rarity197876 twilight sparkle324580 human186058 apple underwear32 areola22781 armpits44691 assisted exposure1935 big breasts99600 bottomless15119 breasts324105 brown nipples205 bushy brows242 busty applejack11917 busty pinkie pie12281 busty rarity14919 casual nudity8529 chubby14759 clothed female nude female2924 clothes533223 dark areola695 dark nipples245 delicious flat chest5815 female1536416 flashing1523 flashing boobs259 flattershy568 human coloration5887 humanized107170 mane six34460 nipples198398 no pubic hair359 nudity429827 pajamas3651 panties55505 pants17703 pants down1171 partial nudity24078 pink nipples965 pubic hair8810 shaved479 thick eyebrows612 topless15241 twilight darkle134 underwear67968 undressing5726 vulva150744


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In Treue fest
Oh my, yes! They’re all so fine here, as well as their designs very much suiting them!  
I must say, I’m quite glad for the edit.

Yeah, usually it’s RD.
@Background Pony #03AF  
There’s a difference between ‘fitness magazine’ body and ‘actually muscular’ body.
The former focuses on certain muscles over others and requires a very specific amount of body fat. While the latter turns you into a barrel-chested human/pit bull hybrid capable of withstanding cannonballs fired at point-blank range.
That stomach on Applejack?
Entirely muscle.
Muscles Rainbow Dash never exercises, because then they’d cover her oh-so-important abs.
The only one there with a fat gut is the Ponk.

@Background Pony #03AF  
AJ is muscular (at least that was my intention) she just isn’t as lean as Dashie. The logic I worked off of was that she does a lot of physical labor but also eats a lot of high carb farm food, resplendent with butter and gravy. Dirty bulking, basically.
Background Pony #9515
just needs them to be in their correct eqg colors and this pic might finally be good. although to be frank, fluttershy’s face still scares me a little bit. and the fact that RD is ripped but AJ isn’t bothers me as well. who thought it was a good idea to give AJ, the physically strongest and fittest (next to RD) of the bunch, a chubby pinkie pie belly? she looks cute with it but it just isn’t right.
Background Pony #831F
If I hadn’t seen the original, I would have thought this wasn’t an edit. I like this version a lot more, well done OP.