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safe1598081 artist:don-ko123 derpy hooves48371 pegasus251335 pony867476 adorawat52 animated93364 artifact1073 cross-eyed699 cute183175 derpabetes2234 derpception13 droste effect201 endless21 envelope260 female1271106 first animated picture on derpibooru1 first derpy picture on derpibooru1 first wat picture on derpibooru1 gif28491 history286 holding2657 hoof hold7511 inception250 infinity68 it begins236 loop4948 mail1084 mare431624 multeity2082 one of the first10 perfect loop1188 recursion381 silly7021 silly pony2853 simple background353605 smiling220643 solo990645 spread wings48910 strange42 transparent background183271 unstoppable force of derp43 wat18538 weird354


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