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Background Pony #E365
So he disintegrated again. I saw that one coming because of this.

Sombra's death was even more brutal this time through.
Background Pony #AE92
Congratulations, Sombra…your the only MLP villain to be killed TWICE!

I'd say the chances are slim at best. Grogar knew he failed, then replayed his death for the other three to see, and then said something like "Let this serve as a reminder of what will happen to those who go against my plans."

The other three have had SOME experience in working with others on a level playing field, even if only for a short while, but Sombra didn't. Thus, the concept and power of teamwork would forever fall deaf on his ears, no matter how many times he failed.
Background Pony #4914
Reminds me of something out of "The End of Evangelion". Of course, this is much, much tamer, but it still reminds me.