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It seems like Dash still isn’t used to getting double teamed by Rarity and AJ! Looks like her brain shorted out for a second there, Not that she seems to mind!

So I always loved seeing these 3 together, it’s a really nice ship even if it’s super rare! I hope you all enjoy this tender moment of passion between the three of them!
suggestive132370 artist:rarityismywaifu52 applejack162374 rainbow dash223781 rarity173518 earth pony215144 pegasus256449 unicorn284269 anthro239239 appledash5512 blushing182070 blushing profusely1758 emoji863 female1283799 freckles26116 heart44526 kiss on the cheek1562 kiss sandwich195 kissing22992 lesbian91710 makeup19052 ot3439 pictogram1854 polyamory6415 raridash1855 rarijack6732 rarijackdash199 shipping187962 shocked6162 shocked expression714 shoulder freckles954


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