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safe2153066 artist:pinweena3041 derpibooru exclusive39897 princess celestia111770 princess luna116235 alicorn309788 pony1580993 g42006137 abstract background23499 angry36236 duality5346 duo164112 ear piercing42640 earring31921 eye contact7631 female1779741 floppy ears71846 frown35469 glare9010 glowing horn28694 gritted teeth19087 hoof shoes9354 horn178417 jewelry110586 looking at each other33497 looking up23590 magic95454 mare727421 new style48 peytral7155 piercing62584 pink-mane celestia3104 royal sisters6562 s1 luna8441 scared14121 siblings21144 sisters17547 spread wings91756 tiara6778 wide eyes19744 wings216540 young1922 younger22613


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