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Look who just came back from the dead.
suggestive139638 artist:weirdisfun2 princess celestia93854 princess luna97995 alicorn218911 pony940147 bed39932 blushing192791 butt53721 clothes449221 crown16248 duo58556 duo female9978 dutch oven8 face fart211 fart2146 fart fetish1012 fart noise674 female1337238 females only12122 fetish38780 jewelry60821 mare466979 necklace17976 onomatopoeia4009 plot77018 regalia19084 shoes35164 sisters8510 smelly873 solar wind72 sound effects2007 sunbutt3950 trollestia782 under the covers224


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Passionate opinionator
Hot damn! I loved this guy's previous fart pic of Celestia and Luna and he gives us another!

I bet it even doesn't smell that bad under there. Though I'm sure Luna is gonna get her revenge.