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suggestive125966 artist:minacream6 princess celestia88923 princess luna93024 human139608 equestria girls176543 adorasexy7957 beautiful4473 belly button65932 bikini15396 blue hair730 blushing172204 boob squish1104 breasts234256 busty princess celestia8768 cleavage30292 clothes399883 crown13445 cute173220 cutie mark on equestria girl834 eyelashes3980 green hair338 harem outfit252 horn40247 horned humanization6150 humanized92969 jewelry48870 light skin4547 loincloth957 long hair3279 looking at you140203 multicolored hair4270 open mouth120054 pink hair794 regalia15656 royal sisters3729 sexy22863 signature18196 simple background336866 swimsuit24151 white background84566 winged humanization8011 wings71628


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Background Pony #0D78
Maybe after retiring from a thousand-year reign Celestia decided to indenture herself to a foreign king for a few decades to experience being ruled instead. Luna wasn't so sure it was a good idea but wanted to stay with her sister.
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