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safe1972973 edit157037 edited screencap80500 screencap263843 twilight sparkle333097 cat7758 pony1325031 unicorn447141 season 31960 spike at your service1152 animated113079 behaving like a cat2645 caption24311 cup7744 cute236575 female1604778 fireplace3439 gif41469 image macro38952 impact font1710 mare619147 meme88896 open mouth198128 raised hoof59953 raised leg10005 smiling331681 solo1269423 talking8604 teacup3489 text76183 twiabetes13868 twilight cat313 unicorn twilight26323


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Background Pony #B846
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Well Twidogs design (and the remaining characters from LPS) is ok but only when in motion. Otherwise they look… well… bad.
And the beuty spot fits her because she acts like a diva.
Background Pony #A578
@Background Pony I think she has a pretty cool design actually, but she definitely looks like an unlikable character…
…the show is…okay, I guess.
Background Pony #4B24
@igotnopicks: I never even saw Pound Puppies in any shape or form, and yet just a single image of this dog makes me hate her with a power of a thousand suns. It must be the obnoxious design. And the “beauty” spot. (Who considers that beautiful anyway?)