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My Base 20 (couples) by Miss-DumpAss


Sweetie Belle x Pipsqueak
Silver Spoon x Snips
Apple Bloom x Tender Taps
Diamond Tiara x Featherweight
Scootaloo x Rumble
Babs Seed x Twist
safe1573789 artist:mlplover071138 apple bloom46515 babs seed5628 diamond tiara9668 featherweight1207 pipsqueak2707 rumble3800 scootaloo49149 silver spoon6215 snips3997 sweetie belle46629 tender taps656 twist2797 pony844493 babstwist92 base used15739 blushing175572 couple4597 feathertiara32 female897834 glasses54832 happy27531 lesbian92144 love4350 male305025 rumbloo482 shipping183791 silversnips12 simple background345047 smiling214599 straight121553 sweetiesqueak70 tenderbloom217 watermark14481


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