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suggestive145257 artist:flicker-show339 fluttershy214622 pegasus298920 squirrel1039 anthro264007 plantigrade anthro33396 acorn104 barefoot27930 big breasts83547 blood24878 breasts282523 busty fluttershy17550 cleavage35053 clothes466293 dialogue66400 feet40577 female1379218 legs8637 nosebleed2383 nuts52 open mouth149436 panties50785 skirt40314 smiling253662 speech bubble23727 spread wings55605 squatting1524 thighs14250 traditional art118760 underwear61564 upskirt5964 white underwear3548 wings110877


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Background Pony #38FE
fluttershy has nice thick legs because she's always squatting down to interact with small animals

In Treue fest
It can't be denied that Fluttershy's effect on animals is quite profound.
As anyone who has met or even seen her will confirm, the cause of this influence is no mystery.