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Alternate source
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31443824/ Here for "Mini Story" kind of thing
explicit317872 artist:marik azemus34352 oc605460 oc only409961 oc:dusk rhine317 oc:ivana12 oc:zuri141 anthro230578 bat pony43482 unguligrade anthro42994 zebra15739 balls66478 big breasts68555 bondage30365 breasts239930 cowgirl position6173 dominant harem1 druid124 duri40 exhibitionism7469 faceless female1357 female900004 femdom6757 gangbang2289 glasses54972 group sex13778 hand on head1724 harem808 holding head2393 huge breasts31993 larger female421 link in description290 lucky bastard1357 male305791 malesub3676 mare415922 nipples143401 nudity334103 offscreen character29495 penis137683 ponysub7 reverse gangbang31 sex107463 size difference12600 stallion92845 story included7764 submissive13085 suckling2281 sweat22999 temple318 tentacles10714 totem24 vine1140 watching1073 wizard617 zebra oc2450 zebradom982


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Background Pony #22CB
Love this, only way it could be better if there was a changeling version.
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Background Pony #8A93
If I could die any way I wanted to, I think I'd pick being fucked by 4 or 5 Amazon-esque anthro zebras mares. Even if that wouldn't be my pick, it'd be a damn tempting option.
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Background Pony #80D8
But if there were no rose petals, I would still be the son of a king… It is not just that, it is everything. The cooking, the pampering, the dressing, the bathing… Actually, I rather enjoy the bathing
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