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Sometimes, fever dreams come. So believable that they can not be distinguished from reality.
But sometimes the reality may be even more than just a fever.

And yes! Here is Luna in red lingerie. I should stop.
suggestive (115627)artist:irfp250n (36)artist:longinius (529)princess luna (88819)alicorn (168065)pony (715869)acrylic plastic (59)acrylight (44)blushing (156731)clothes (362654)craft (3579)craft for the fearless (12)engraving (188)female (777281)jewelry (40370)led (112)lingerie (8516)lip bite (9365)looking at you (123584)mare (346031)necklace (12581)red underwear (1070)smiling (186791)socks (49981)solo (888256)spread wings (41688)stockings (25762)thigh highs (24087)tiara (2425)underwear (50433)wings (54917)


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