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And if season 9 doesn't start getting a lot better soon, I'm going to need way more than that.
Dark Dash

Considering I've been watching this show, and been with the fandom, since December 2010, and reached the age where I could start drinking a couple of months ago, I might have my first bit of alcohol during and/or after the Series Finale. As a sort of final sendoff to the show since I've been with it since nearly the start.

This show has been a part of my life for almost a decade and its undoubtedly my favorite animated show, if for no other reason than the personal significance it has for me as a fan for almost ten years and all the things I've been able to see over the years thanks to the fandom.

Admittedly, I'll probably be more upset about it in the weeks/months after its over, as right now I don't really think the reality has sunk in for me, but it'll come eventually. In any case, you got a smile out of me for this, and sorry for the long and somewhat rambling comment. Just felt like reminiscing and writing this out while the inevitable end of the show is on my mind.